But the Domesday Book, drafted in 1085, is still perfectly readable. It is this chameleon-like adaptation to the troubles of the day that makes ID cards so suspect as the solution to anything. But the consultation seems to assume that DRM is a) desirable and b) an endemic practice.

Cookies are not in and of themselves inherently evil; it’s how they’re used. It’s the exact same justification we heard in the late 1990s for requiring key escrow as part of the nascent Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act.

At this point the Net’s best hope looks to be that the new version is treated the same way. Last night’s occasion was the 20th anniversary of Privacy International (Twitter: @privacyint), where most people were polite to speakers David Blunkett and Nick Clegg. At heart, what cookies do is give Web sites persistent memory. In that particular episode of Yes, Minister, “The Writing on the Wall” (S1e05), Appleby and Hacker butt heads over who will get the final say over the wording of a draft proposal on phased Civil Service reductions (today’s civil servants and ministers might want to watch episode S1e03, “The Economy Drive”, for what their lives will soon be like). Similarly, in the copyright wars it’s clear that copyrighted material will continue to leak out no matter how hard they try to protect it. It’s been a long decade.

Swing: 5 percent: Scrap ContactPoint, the (expensive, complicated) giant database intended to track children through their school days to adulthood – and, by the time they get there, most likely beyond. Security services and insurers alike would love to have copies. This bit of extortion nestles in the middle of a bunch of other stuff about educating schoolchildren about the value of intellectual property. It’s easy to imagine that the companies to whom we apply for insurance, a loan, or a job may demand an opened gateway to account data as part of the approvals process, which is extortion rather than consent. But the surveillance-happy type of government that legislates for data retention and CCDP might also at some point think, hey, shouldn’t we be requiring IDPs to retain all data (requests for authentication, and so on) so we can inspect it should we deem it necessary. ), but it does nix the idea of, say, building the network infrastructure to the specification of any one particular group – the MPAA or the UK government, in defiance of the increasingly annoyed EU.

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That’s if you’re inside government; if you’re outside, based on last summer’s experience following the Osmosoft teams during Young Rewired State, often the limiting factor is what data is available and in what form. Just as, although today’s government may have only good intentions in installing a black box in every ISP that collects all traffic data, the government of ten years hence may use the system in entirely different ways for which today’s trusting administration never planned. So, in the interests of ensuring this evidence-based policy the UK government is so keen on, here is some. ” It includes: the Association of American Publishers, the Business Software Alliance, the Entertainment Software Association, the Independent Film and Television Alliance, the Motion Picture Association of America, the National Music Publishers’ Association, and the Recording Industry Association of America. Consider the logic there: given the size of the population, there are probably people right now planning crimes over pints of beer in pubs, over the phone, and sitting in top-level corporate boardrooms.

Give a geek something that’s broken and he’ll itch to fix it. Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 6 lets you opt out of cookies entirely. Child pornography is, more controversially, illegal just about everywhere. Today’s market practices were created while the intangible products of human ingenuity still had to be fixed in a physical medium.

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That could be the Federal government’s own servers. But the fact that Amazon would apparently rather jettison the associates program that helped advertise and build its business than allow a state to claim those associates constitute a nexus exposing it to sales tax liability says volumes about how far we’ve come. And John Edwards comes in at 5 foot 10. In reading the book, I had a sudden sense of why electronic voting appeals to these people. This is a battle that has been going on in Europe for more than ten years and for a somewhat shorter amount of time in the US, where the lack of nationalized health insurance means that it’s taken longer for the issue to come to the front.

” Give everyone a PDS, and they can have the dream of changing their address only once – but maintain control over where it propagates. As time goes on, and open data gets built into everything, publishing it should become a natural part of everything government does. That’s what people tell you to do when you’re going to Defcon. Yesterday, in a room in a Parliamentary turret, Hupper convened a meeting to discuss the draft; in attendance were a variety of Parliamentarians plus experts from civil society groups such as Privacy International, the Open Rights Group, Liberty, and Big Brother Watch. Today’s Digital Economy bill is loaded with provisions for enough statutory instruments to satisfy the most frustrated politician’s desire to avoid all that fuss and bother of public debate and research. One of the great myths of our time is that it’s easy to stumble accidentally upon porn on the Internet.

We talk often about the fact that ten years of effort – lawsuits, legislation, technology – on the part of the copyright industries has made barely a dent in the amount of material available online as unauthorized copies. His idea is that the *new* new thing is technologies to give us back control and up-end the current situation in which everyone behaves as if they own all the information we give them. On the other hand, if you want to tag the driver it might be simpler just to tie the whole thing to a mobile phone. A perennial problem, of course, is that bills are notoriously difficult to read. In June, Vernon Coaker, Parliamentary Under-Secretary for the Home Department told Parliament, “I have recently set the UK Internet industry a target to ensure that by the end of 2007 all Internet service providers offering broadband Internet connectivity to the UK public prevent their customers from accesssing those Web sites. Four years after the secured version of DNS (DNSsec) was developed to counteract security threats such as DNS cache poisoning that had been mooted for many more years than that, it’s still barely deployed. The Digital Economy Bill is one of those pieces of unfinished business.

A Charitable Crypto-Currency: Lordmancer II: October 23. An old shot in a photographer’s long tail may be of no value for 30 years – until suddenly the subject emerges as a Presidential candidate. Simon McCalla, Nominet’s CTO, had some answers: primarily, they’re constantly trying to improve the accuracy and reliability of the Whois database, but it’s only a very small criminal element that engage in false domain name registration. In the case of the former, consumers will extend use both across the population and in terms of applications such as travel and banking. Too many ICO's to keep track off. Child abuse is, rightly, illegal everywhere.

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Is managing the core of the Internet an engineering, legal, or regulatory problem. Assuming that start-ups emerge, what mechanisms will we have to test how well our data is secured or trace how it’s being used. This year, 2008, may go down in history as the year geeks got politics. Follow ongoing, upcoming and past ICOs & token sales using our ICO Calendar, including Ratings and reviews on selected ICOs. My father had a valid excuse for that particular bit of ignorance or lack of imagination. Hundreds of them, legally required, with ongoing maintenance contracts.

He’s less inclined to apologise now

My father was not a patient man. The French DNA database, FNAEG, was proposed in 1996, created in 1998 for sex offenders, implemented in 2001, and broadened to other criminal offenses after 9/11 and again in 2003: a perfect example of function creep. 6 million on the stock market last year, an amount reporter John Levine equates to the 20-cent fee from 23 million domain name registrations. Well, no, not really, no matter what Google Translate might lead you to believe. The key to retaining sanity when you’re busy is to get other people to do all the things they can without your input. Certainly, it’s not a possibility people inside the US seem to take seriously.

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If the government really accepted the principle that it is impossible to guarantee complete data security, what would they do. It turns out that it’s still pretty difficult to explain to some people how the Internet works or why. ” Apparently they’re so far gone that eating worms looks more sensible. Not only that, but people want them involved; people want protection from rip-off artists. Unfortunately, these seem invisible to some politicians.

Just, you know, God help us if they ever start being successful. As well as an ICO calendar. The Great Digital-Currency Debate: ‘New’ Ethereum Vs. This is the optimistic view. Threats like these were what he set up W3C to protect against. But any time you have a service that involves real money, whether that service is selling an experience (gaming), a service, or a retail product, when the money you handle reaches a certain amount governments are going to be interested.

The quick answer, as Topolski and Clayton explained, is “Moore’s Law. Until then, if the pioneers had an enemy it was governments, memorably warned off by John Perry Barlow’s 1996 Declaration of the Independence of Cyberspace. Last week, the media were full of the story that the UK government was going to start accepting Facebook logons for authentication. I need to know that legitimate sources of information aren’t being hidden by overactive filters. The workings of British politics are nearly as clear to foreigners as cricket; and unlike the US there’s no user manual. (Although we can recommend Anthony Trollope’s Palliser novels and the TV series Yes, Minister as good sources of enlightenment on the subject. That’s what people tell you to do when you’re going to Defcon.

At last week’s A Fine Balance conference on privacy-enhancing technologies, there was a lot of discussion of the key technique of data minimization. Which may explain the holes and inadequacies, but then you have to ask: why didn’t they take their time and do it properly. ” StreetView, he said, “is brilliant – but they did it without permission. We won’t actually know for another few weeks who has actually applied. In 1994, when Jeff Bezos was looking for a place to put the online bookseller he intended to grow into the giant, multi-faceted online presence it is today, he began with a set of criteria that included, high up on the list, avoiding liability for sales tax as much as possible. In these pre-Broadway trial runs, lines get cut and revised; performances get reshaped and tightened.

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Even without all that, the underlying issue is this: what company would want democratic governance to succeed

The gathering, was convened by Baroness Miller of Chilthorne Domer with the idea of helping Parliamentarians understand the issues raised not only by Phorm but also by the Interception Modernisation Programme, Google, Microsoft, and in fact any outfit that wants to collect huge amounts of our data for purposes that won’t be entirely clear until later. Add in the torch relay, and it’s national security. I’d participate in the study if I could choose what health information I give; I’m not handing over untrammeled right of access. Their proposals as outlined – conforming, as Pegman explained happily, to Kim Cameron’s seven laws of identity – pay considerable homage to the idea that no one party should have all the details of any given transaction. If this is a correct assessment, it certainly follows the same pattern as the world of malware writing, which has progressed from the giggling, maladjusted teenager writing a bit of disruptive code in his bedroom to a highly organized, criminal, upside-down image of the commercial software world (complete, I’m told by experts from companies like Symantec and Sophos, with product trials, customer support, and update patches). Secrecy is a habit of mind that spreads like fungus.

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Various reports claim that as delivered NetIntelligence blocks social networking sites and even Google and Wikipedia, as well as Google’s Chrome browser because the way Chrome installs allows the user to bypass the filters. Very few people inside the Beltway understand technology, he says there, citing the Congressman who asked him seriously, “What is the Internet. How are they defining categories like “online scams” or “IP theft” (they’re clear about one thing: they’re not including file-sharing in that figure). For one thing, even a senator knows – probably – that you can’t literally shut down the entire Internet from a single switch sitting in the President’s briefcase (presumably next to the nuclear attack button). Then we will have handed control of the British Internet over to a small group of people with no accountability and no transparency. Wars home, at her personal blog, or by email to ne[email protected]

If they’d understood TNT’s services correctly, the discs wouldn’t have gotten lost – or at least been traceable if they had

Twomey concluded, “[Certain political forces around the world] see the ITU as the place to have this discussion because it’s not structured to be (nor will they let it be) fully multi-stakeholder. The National Archives wants not only to preserve the actual text of the letter but its look, feel, and functionality. We talk a lot about rolling back newer initiatives like the many databases of Blair’s and Brown’s government, data retention, or the proliferation of CCTV cameras. The IWF has attempted to analyze these brands, and believes that they are operated in clusters by criminals. First: it is awash in so many computer chips that IPv6 might not have enough addresses (yeah, yeah, I know, no electron left behind and all that). However, it also proposes that ISPs should use methods such as bandwidth throttling to deter persistent file-sharers.

Such a database will not catch terrorists, because given the volume of data involved trying to use it to spot any one would-be evil-doer will be the rough equivalent of searching for an iron filing in a haystack the size of a planet. If that’s the case, doesn’t that mean you can not opt out of having your data shared. It is what network neutrality is all about. Add ICO What is ICO. Basically, it’s never jam today for the artists, but jam yesterday, today, and tomorrow for the recording companies.

The LibDems always opposed it; the Conservatives have been more inconsistent, but currently oppose large-scale public IT projects. If all the microprocessors in London went out, it’s hard to imagine anything short of a nuclear attack that would be a deadlier disaster. The biggest flaw in the consultation document is that the authors (who needed a good copy editor) seem to have bought wholesale the 2005 thinking of rightsholders (whom they call “right holders”). (Asked about it this week, the Home Office told me they can’t speculate in advance about the details will that be provided “in due course”; that what is envisioned is a “program of work on our communications abilities”; that it will be communications service providers, probably as defined in RIPA Section 2(1), storing data, not a government database; that the legislation to safeguard against misuse will probably but not certainly, be a statutory instrument. Earlier this week another old Net hand, Web inventor Tim Berners-Lee, gave some rather sage advice to the Web 2. People vanish off the electoral rolls or refuse to fill out the census forms rather than hand over information to government; governments treat us all as if we were suspected criminals when all we’re trying to do is claim benefits we’re entitled to.

For those who haven’t read Taleb’s The Black Swan: The Impact of the Highly Improbable, the black swan stands for the event that is completely unpredictable – because, like black swans until one was spotted in Australia, no such thing has ever been seen – until it happens. That design decision has had a number of consequences, most of them good. To be sure, Neville-Jones took issue with some of the present government’s plans – the Conservatives would not, she said, go ahead with the National Identity Register, and they favour “a more coherent and wide-ranging border security force”. So what is an ICO. Create a public interest defense for scientific criticism, streamline the process, and lower costs for defendants. The best the BPI spokesman could come up with is, “It would send out the message that copyright is to be respected, that creative industries are to be respected and paid for. It will tend to favor large (often American) services and companies over smaller ones.

Since the Lords’ involvement, it provides Web censorship. Someday the development of Internet governance will look like a continuous historical sweep whose outcome, in hindsight, is obvious. The bad thing about the Open Rights Group’s new site, Statebook is that it looks so perfectly simple to use that the government may decide it’s actually a good idea to implement something very like it. It’s the exact same justification we heard in the late 1990s for requiring key escrow as part of the nascent Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act. Harris was minding her own business in Seattle in 2000 when the hanging chad hit the Supreme Court. Now, there’s a lot of wiggle room in a vague definition like “critical infrastructure system”.

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It’s nice rhetorical alliteration, but desperately narrow. Amazon already has plenty of this kind of data from its own customers; for Facebook and Google this must be an exciting new vista. As we’re so fond of saying, technology moves fast, and law moves slowly. The security consultant Alec Muffet has laid out the parameters for this SpookBox 5000: certified, tested, tamperproof, made by, say, three trusted British companies. The late humorist and playwright Jean Kerr (probably now best known for her collection of pieces about raising five boys with her drama critic husband in a wacky old house in Larchmont, NY, Please Don’t Eat the Daisies) once wrote a piece about the trials and tribulations of slogging through the out-of-town openings of one of her plays. Weren’t we there to trash them and not let them reply. While computers were new on the block, and their devotees were a relatively small cult of people who could be relatively easily spotted as “other”, you could see the boast “I know nothing about computers” as a replay of high school. For the last 36 years Britain has been ruled by an uninterrupted elected dictatorship. On the Net, John Perry Barlow observed long ago, everything is local and everything is global, but nothing is national.

Not that RIPA is a fountain of democratic behavior even as things are. Or you say something to someone you know who tells someone else who posts it online for yet another person to identify and finally the whole thing comes back and bites you in the ass. Instead, he wrote, the Net is binary: secret or public, no middle ground. First: the 1960s generation did change an awful lot of things, though not nearly as many as they hoped. Though the conversion is not quite complete: he’s willing to dump the ID card, but only because it makes so much more sense just to make passports mandatory for everyone over 16. And you know Americans: they want results NOW.

Still, for the media, calling the Senate’s idea a “kill switch” is attention-getting political genius. The advent of cloud computing and Google’s release of Chrome last year have reinvigorated the browser “market”. At the EU level, JURI is only one of four committees involved in proposing and amending term extension on behalf of the European Parliament – and then even after the Parliament votes it’s the Commission who makes the final decision. The honorable thing for the British government to do now is say, “Well, folks, we were wrong. What if the cheeky guys who founded MySociety and made communicating with your MP or looking up his voting record as easy as buying a book from Amazon were given the task of digitizing government.

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My sense from interviews with Conservative spokespeople for articles in the last year is that they want to scrap large IT projects in favor of smaller, more manageable ones undertaken in partnership with private companies. The US government had some support in this, in part because many in the US seem to have difficulty accepting that the Internet was not actually built by the US alone. Security is already in the planning stages, although, as Tarique Ghaffur pointed out, the Games are one of several big events in 2012. The fuss over DeCSS, which removes regional coding from DVDs, is another case in point. But the consultation seems to assume that DRM is a) desirable and b) an endemic practice. The Internet may perceive censorship as damage and route around it, but politicians seem increasingly to view due and accountable legal process as an unnecessary waste of time and try to avoid it.

Like a lot of places, the UK has two major kinds of broadband access: cable and DSL. Yes, there are many organisations that would like access to it: life sciences companies, researchers of all types, large pharmaceutical companies, and so on. The last ten years have built Google, and Facebook, and every organization now craves large data stores of personal information that can be mined. Для мобільних пристроїв · Eventbrite – Becon Global presents D4C – Day For Crypto – Focused on crypto-currencies, ICO’s and fintech – Tuesday, December. The seeds of criminality planted by the first computer hackers 20 years ago. Using the excuse that the communications environment is changing rapidly and continuously, the notes argue that flexibility is absolutely necessary for Clause 1, the one that grants the government all the actual surveillance power, and so it’s been drafted to include pretty much everything, like those contracts that claim copyright in perpetuity in all forms of media that exist now or may hereinafter be invented throughout the universe. In Allan’s analogy, the Internet is a collection of off-shore islands like Iceland’s Surtsey, which has been left untouched to develop its own ecosystem.

The fact is that, as Roger Clarke observed before Facebook even existed, social networks have only one business model: to monetize their users. And now here it is again in another leak that the suspicious veteran watcher of Yes, Minister might think was an attempt to test public opinion. Stonewalled, she turned to writing her book Your Right to Know, which led her to make her first inquiries about viewing MPs’ expenses. It must come down to Yes, Minister again: commissioning a huge, new IT system gives the Civil Service a lot of new budget and bureaucracy to play with, especially if the ministers don’t understand the new system. The GDS as presently constituted – composed, as William Heath commented last year, of all the smart, digitally experienced people you *would* hire to reinvent government services for the digital world if you had the choice – seems to have its heart in the right place. It seems like a couple of years now that people in the UK have been asking me, “Do you think Hillary or Guliani is going to win.

But the devil is always in the details, and it was not unreasonable to hope that Ofcom, charging with defining and consulting on those details, would operate in a more measured fashion. The US Senate, never folks to avoid improving a joke, came up with a new suggestion: install a kill switch. Expanded budgets are expanded power, we know this, and if the system doesn’t work right the first time you need an even bigger budget to fix them with. It’s 2008, and the wheels seem to be coming off. Last week at Defcon my IM ID and just enough of the password to show they knew what it was appeared on the Wall of Sheep. No one likes paying taxes (least of all us). None of this is – or should be – illegal. It’s the exact same justification we heard in the late 1990s for requiring key escrow as part of the nascent Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act. However invasive the next proposals are, it will be easy for us to lose the bearings we came in with and feel that we’ve successfully beaten back at least some of the intrusiveness.

Want to invest in start-ups. Their apparent support for the card was for the goals of the card, not the card itself. Using the excuse that the communications environment is changing rapidly and continuously, the notes argue that flexibility is absolutely necessary for Clause 1, the one that grants the government all the actual surveillance power, and so it’s been drafted to include pretty much everything, like those contracts that claim copyright in perpetuity in all forms of media that exist now or may hereinafter be invented throughout the universe. Those are among the few things that can be accurately measured: the police don’t keep figures breaking out crimes committed electronically; there are no good figures on the scale of identity theft (interesting, since this is one of the things the government has claimed the ID card will guard against); and no one’s really sure how many personal computers are infected with some form of botnet software – and available for control at four cents each. The ITU, in its response, argued that Greenpeace and the ITUC have their facts wrong; after the two sides met, the ITUC reiterated its desire for some proposals to be taken off the table. A unique list with news and timeline of upcoming ICOs and token sales. Consult Hyperion’s Tim Richards has a good explanation of the story so far. Com and BigMouthMedia think affiliate networks generally will bear the brunt of this legislation.

Eventually RIPA passed with the requirement that individuals disclose their cryptographic keys – but without key escrow. Why shouldn’t Microsoft, Google, or the Electronic Frontier Foundation operate their own registries. ” (Well, see, it’s this series of tubes. It’s been a long decade. Creating a single, simple, and consistent tax rule to apply across the board to distance selling would answer these. But the incident has raised valid questions about how Wikipedia can possibly sustain itself financially going forward. Cryptocurrency market truly opens up opportunities for earnings. Tel Aviv’s Colu Launches Local Digital. It got a flurry of attention and then forgotten until the last week or two.