An “unfortunate footnote” sounds like the perfect scrapheap on which to drop the National Identity Register and its physical manifestation, ID cards, but if there’s one thing we know about ID cards it’s that, like the monster in horror movies, they’re always “still out there”. Martin Sheen is 5 foot 7. The honorable thing for the British government to do now is say, “Well, folks, we were wrong. There are two keys to this world.

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac have announced that they will not invest in or guarantee loans. You can’t really blame companies for taking advantage of the structures that are there. Halfon’s central question: are we sleepwalking into a privatized surveillance society, and can we stop it. CRYPTO20 is an autonomous token-as-a-fund allowing you to invest in. There’s a broader point that begins with a personal nitpick. And there, maybe, finally, is some real value for those huge, failed IT projects: no one in power can pretend they aren’t there.

Nor was it the assignment of numbers, which, since numbers are the way the computers find each other, is actually arguably the most important bit of the whole thing. Several things baffle about this report. A similar situation applies in the UK with respect to DVD and CD sales.

Until recently, Parliament’s definition of privacy was celebrities’ need for protection from intrusive journalists. He summed up the Internet’s governance problem as the “three Ps”: pornography, privacy, and piracy. Org”>Bev Harris and Andy Stephenson. But if the card is coming at least two years later than they intended, compulsion is ahead of schedule. ” But even if you decided to waive the requirements for original look, feel, and functionality, not eveything could be printed out anyway.

The contrast to Ed Vaizey, the minister for culture, communications and the creative industries at the Department of Culture, Media, and Sport, couldn’t have been more marked. But as the recession continues to bite and state, federal, and central governments are all scrambling to replace lost revenues from a tax base that’s been , the calls to level the playing field by closing off these tax-advantage workarounds are getting louder. Most of them are unexceptional: fund more research into IT security, keep better statistics. But she’s made another mistake here in suggesting that taking Twitter and/or Facebook down for an hour during an emergency is about like shutting down a road or a railway station. Depending how you look at it, ID cards either took 54 years to resurface (from their withdrawal in1952 to the 2006 Identity Cards Act), or the much shorter time to the first proposals to reinstate them.

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“It’s only a draft,” Julian Huppert, the Liberal Democrat MP for Cambridge, said repeatedly yesterday. In the UK especially, the combination of an escalating budget, a poor record with large government IT projects, a change of government, and a desperate need to save money killed it in 2006. Plans for WCIT have been proceeding for years. The fact that people like Mike Bracken, who masterminded the Guardian’s open platform and who is a founder of MySociety, are working in government is kind of astonishing. We know one person they didn’t talk to: Computer Weekly notes the omission of Detective superintendent Charlie McMurdie, head of the Metropolitan Police’s Central e-Crime Unit, who you’d’ think would be one of the first ports of call for understanding the on-the-ground experience.

The various kite mark schemes – for secure Internet services and so on – seem harmless but irrelevant. To be sure, the consultation document pays lip service to accepting comments on any ID card-related topic, but the consultation is specifically about the “delivery scheme”. Note that it’s just in the last couple of months that someone – a teenager – has gone to jail in the UK for the first time for refusing to disclose their key. His particular focus was the ID card, which net. So far, the government pushing the ID card seems to believe that it can impose anything it likes and if it means the tree collapses with the user on the swing, well, that’s something that can be ironed out later.

The discussion had two purposes. Arguing about money aside, the fact is that we have not progressed much, if at all, since 1998. This week at Computers, Freedom, and Privacy, I heard about the Electronic Privacy Information Center’s work on fusion centers, relatively new US government efforts to mine many commercial and public sources of data. These hidden graphics, usually 1×1 pixels, enable third parties to track what you do on the Web and harvest all sorts of information about you, your computer, and what browser you use. A perennial problem, of course, is that bills are notoriously difficult to read.

In the UK, if central government wants a local authority to do something, it can just issue an order. The whole mess is part of a four-year Europe-wide project called Planets. The US Congress and the British Parliament are all, they said, now well accustomed to being televised, and their behaviour has adapted to the cameras. On page four, the report says this: “. The GDS as presently constituted – composed, as William Heath commented last year, of all the smart, digitally experienced people you *would* hire to reinvent government services for the digital world if you had the choice – seems to have its heart in the right place. I’d participate in the study if I could choose what health information I give; I’m not handing over untrammeled right of access.

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The Child Benefit database includes names, addresses, identifying numbers, and often bank details, on all the UK’s 25 million families with a child under 16. The system will start with three options: 1) refusing money from lobbyists and political action committees (private funding groups); 2) ban earmarks (money allocated to special projects in politicians’ home states); 3) commit to public financing for campaigns. If the discs hadn’t gotten lost, we would never have known. The key, of course, is what standards the government chooses to create for IDPs and which organizations decide they can meet those criteria and offer a service. At heart, what cookies do is give Web sites persistent memory.

And yet – the play you’re seeing on the stage isn’t the play you had in mind at all. How would the disconnected vote, pay taxes, or engage in community politics. ” It includes: the Association of American Publishers, the Business Software Alliance, the Entertainment Software Association, the Independent Film and Television Alliance, the Motion Picture Association of America, the National Music Publishers’ Association, and the Recording Industry Association of America. The risks ought to be obvious: this is a government that can’t keep track of the personal details of 25 million households, which fit on a couple of CDs. In fact, though, these questions seem to have been written less to aid consumers than to limit the monopoly power of iTunes. You have to go all the way back to 1900 and William McKinley to find a president that small, and even then that was short by historical standards.

Using the excuse that the communications environment is changing rapidly and continuously, the notes argue that flexibility is absolutely necessary for Clause 1, the one that grants the government all the actual surveillance power, and so it’s been drafted to include pretty much everything, like those contracts that claim copyright in perpetuity in all forms of media that exist now or may hereinafter be invented throughout the universe

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The US Senate, never folks to avoid improving a joke, came up with a new suggestion: install a kill switch. We would say that everyone now has a stake in copyright law, given the enormously expanded access to the means to create and distribute all sorts of media, but it isn’t at all clear that the Secretary of State would agree or what means would be available to force him to do so. Then the French presidency starts and whee. The offending bit appears in the second report on the proposal for a European Parliament and Council directive concerning the processing of personal data and the protection of privacy in the electronic communications sector” (PDF), and is labelled “amendment 26 to article 5, paragraph 2a”. Grossman’s Web site has an extensive archive of her books, articles, and music, and an archive of all the earlier columns in this series. We could easily hand that out in cash, if handouts to aging performers are the purpose of the exercise.

Now, there’s a lot of wiggle room in a vague definition like “critical infrastructure system”. Secrecy is a habit of mind that spreads like fungus. Even then, the different approach of cryptocurrencies was the subject of experiments, but for most people the rhetoric of escaping government was less a selling point than being able to trade small sums with strangers who didn’t take credit cards. The US’s Secure Flight program is coming into effect, requiring airline passengers to provide personal data for the US to check 72 hours in advance (where possible). Second, with 1 billion users, amassing the 30 percent of the user base necessary to make the vote count has become.

Yes, that makes them copiable. But Mogdalinski noted that where in the past they have said “Ask forgiveness, not permission”, alluding to the fact that most institutions if approached will behave as though they own the data. The more purposes the system is intended to serve, the more complicated and expensive it will become, and the less likely it is to answer any of those goals successfully. Like they have in Scotland. The biggest risk of a report like this is that it will be used as justification for those wrong-headed policies rather than as it might more rightfully be, as evidence of the failure of no less than five British governments to plan ahead on our behalf. Especially, we need to know what the detail of the standards organizations must meet to be accepted as IDPs, in particular, what kinds of organization they exclude.

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This bit of flashback couldn’t have happened even five years ago. She began to get interested in researching voting troubles, and then one day found online a copy of the software that runs the voting machines provided by Diebold, one of the two leading manufacturers of such things. A crypto index fund that will use the ICO funding. When Vaizey talks about regulating with a “light touch”, does he mean the same things we do. The story is that about a month ago the Conference Board of Canada recalled three reports on intellectual property rights after Geist accused the Board of plagiarism and also of accepting funding for the reports from various copyright lobby groups. Basically, just two organizations – Canada’s equivalents of the MPAA and RIAA – were the source of multiple reports as well as funding for further lobbying organizations.

It’s not that I forgot the sniffer was there, or that there is a risk in logging onto an IM client unencrypted over a Wi-Fi hot spot (at a hacker conference. At the same time, governments who feel deprived of “their” data can simply pass a law and require us to submit it. Wars of the past two decades. Or are they imagining the economic growth implied by the activity that will be necessary to build, install, maintain, and update the black boxes that will be needed by every ISP in order to comply with the law. They tell me this is a sell-out crowd. Chakrabarti lamented the debate over this, which has turned into big media politics. But there is a valuable trade-off: the digital version can be easily accessed and searched by far more people. While the movie studios argue that DeCSS is wholly intended to enable people to illegally copy DVDs, the original purpose was to let Linux users play the DVDs they’d paid for on their computers, for which no one provides a working commercial software player. Damien Hinds (Con-East Hampshire) dissected Google’s business model (including £5.

The guys (which I use as a gender-neutral term) who made e-petitions, PledgeBank, and FixMyStreet

According to several of the spokesfolks manning the stall and giving presentations, the press just assumed that when they saw social media companies among the categories of organization that might potentially want to offer identity authentication, that meant Facebook. He absolutely did, but we thought he could handle it. ” We should be defining the problem and considering alternative solutions. The IWF report says it has identified 715 such commercial sources, 321 of which were active in 2010. But when it comes to allowing the Secretary of State to change something as profound and far-reaching in impact as copyright law with a minimum of public scrutiny, it’s an outrageous hijack of the democratic process. The real problem, though, isn’t any single one of these things.

Dominance of the large telephone. So you want to start or invest in an ICO / Blockchain / Crypto Fund. The bill would enshrine three strikes and disconnection into law. ” Estimated saving: £86 million over the next four years. A sobered-up Scottish alcoholic once told me the following examplar of alcoholic thinking.

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” The man-machine combination is even worse. The people who are paid – either because they work for the company running the service or because they work for governments or NGOs whose job it is to protect consumers or enforce the law – can and do talk directly to each other. The public, she said, is “frightened about the ability to lose privacy through these mechanisms they don’t understand”. The other good news is that many of today’s tireless campaigners against the 2006 ID card will continue to fight the encroachment of the database state. More recently – perhaps a month ago – Sommer teamed up with the OII’s Ian Brown to publish a report for an OECD project on future global shocks, Reducing Systemic Cybersecurity Risk (PDF). In 1995 the capture of Kevin Mitnick made headlines everywhere because he was supposed to be the baddest hacker ever.

Some 40,000 are children between the ages of 10 and 17. This kind of data we want published as openly and in as raw a form as possible, so that it can be reused and form the basis for new businesses and economic growth. Independent third parties verify the data you present. And John Edwards comes in at 5 foot 10. Someone checking whether you have the right to drive, for example, doesn’t need to know who you are or where you live; someone checking you have the right to borrow books from the local library needs to know where you live and who you are but not your age or your health records; someone checking you’re the right age to enter a bar doesn’t need to care if your driver’s license has expired. Ah, yes, Gowers and its 54 recommendations, many or most of which have been largely ignored. There were many objections to this situation, and eventually the loophole was closed and both CompuServe and AOL began charging VAT.

Vaizey’s characterization of 2012 as a critical year rests on the need to consider the UK’s platform for the upcoming Internet Governance Forum leading to 2014’s World Information Technology Forum. However, it also proposes that ISPs should use methods such as bandwidth throttling to deter persistent file-sharers. At the UN, “They don’t think they’re being watched at all, so you see horse trading in a fairly raw form. If you opt out but can still opt back in (as Ertegrul said you can), doesn’t that mean you still have a cookie on your system and that your data is still passed to Phorm’s system, which discards it instead of sending you ads. In that talk, Farber makes a number of interesting points about what comes next technically – it’s unlikely, he says, that today’s Internet Protocols will be able to cope with the terabyte networks on the horizon, and reengineering is going to be a very, very hard problem because of the way humans resist change – but the more relevant stuff for this column has to do with what he learned from his time in DC. What do these governments imagine they’re going to be able to do with all this data.

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DRM, of course, turns content into a series of walled gardens and causes a load of other problems we’ve all written about extensively. Meanwhile, governments are complaisant, possibly because they have subpoena power. But we could reform UK bankruptcy law so that companies acquiring defunct labels are required to shoulder ongoing royalty payment obligations as well as the exploitable assets of the back catalogue. Trying to change an agreed contract retroactively usually requires you to show that the contract was not concluded in good faith, or that someone is in breach. Lather, rinse, and repeat for any number of formerly common but now obsolete systems. As outlined by Open Rights Group executive director Becky Hogge in New Statesman, “three strikes” would mean that all Internet users would be tracked by IP address and warned by letter if they are caught uploading copyrighted content.

Secrecy is a habit of mind that spreads like fungus

(Pause to imagine the complexities of deciding how to divvy up Facebook into tribes: would the basic unit of membership be nation, family, or circle of friends, or should people be allocated into groups based on when they joined or perhaps their average posting rate. All of which is to say that I don’t blame Facebook if it found the comments process tedious and time-consuming, and as much of a black hole for its resources as the help desk for a company with impenetrable password policies. In 1995 the capture of Kevin Mitnick made headlines everywhere because he was supposed to be the baddest hacker ever. Doing so would require comprehensive surveillance of ecommerce sites. The company had tried to get on the panel and been rejected. But no: there are plans for further trials for the local elections in May.

Providing the underpinnings of Web site blocking is not likely to be very quick, and it’s debatable whether it will be cheap. In fact, though, these questions seem to have been written less to aid consumers than to limit the monopoly power of iTunes. Even the Web needs it less than it did. It was, as Clinton’s campaign posted on its office walls, the economy. But there’s logic to it: anything that’s scarce attracts a high price and anything high-priced and illegal attracts dedicated criminals.

She began to get interested in researching voting troubles, and then one day found online a copy of the software that runs the voting machines provided by Diebold, one of the two leading manufacturers of such things. What makes the DNA database more than just a high-tech fingerprint database is that over time the DNA stored in it will become increasingly revealing of intimate secrets. But: lots smaller than the “£40 billion underworld” The Times attributed to British gangs in 2008. But the crypto folks also imagined that anonymous digital cash or identification systems. Stonewalled, she turned to writing her book Your Right to Know, which led her to make her first inquiries about viewing MPs’ expenses. Create an Intellectual Property Crime Task Force.

But the raw cost of the IWF list is insignificant compared to the cost of reengineering a network to do content blocking. People and municipalities all over the place are installing wireless Internet for their own use and sharing it. Byron made several thoughtful, intelligent analogies: we supervise as kids learn to cross streets, we post warning signs at swimming pools but also teach them to swim. When last seen in net. There is only one election – local council, Parliament – at a time, and you vote for one of only a few candidates. If HMRC used proper information security and secure methods for data storage (that is, encryption rather than simple password protection), they wouldn’t have had access to send the discs. Even the attending opposition MP, Ian Lucas (Lab-Wrexham), favored the commission idea, though he still had hopes for self-regulation.

What he envisions is something that polices the behavior of Internet companies the way the British Medical Association or the Law Society provides voluntary self-regulation for their fields. Readers are welcome to post here, at net. So you want to start or invest in an ICO / Blockchain / Crypto. There is so much insanity coming out of the British government on the Internet/computing front at the moment that the only possible conclusion is that the government is made up entirely of people who are engaged in a sort of reverse pissing contest with each other: I can compute less than you can, and see. While the movie studios argue that DeCSS is wholly intended to enable people to illegally copy DVDs, the original purpose was to let Linux users play the DVDs they’d paid for on their computers, for which no one provides a working commercial software player. Even the most technically advanced of parents struggle to balance their legitimate concerns in protecting their children with the complex reality of their children’s lives.

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5 million in bank fraud in 2006 – here, too, it’s on the rise. Net remains to be seen. Techcrunch explains the official reasons. There were many objections to this situation, and eventually the loophole was closed and both CompuServe and AOL began charging VAT. Then you promote that legislation to other countries: Be the envy of other major governments. So it still has money to invest;. To be fair, the report mentions all these abuses.

In the last couple of weeks we’ve seen the perfect example of the kind of creeping functionalism that FIPR and Privacy International warned about at the time: the Poole council using the access rules in RIPA to spy on families to determine whether or not they really lived in the right catchment area for the schools their children attend. Grossman’s Web site has an extensive archive of her books, articles, and music, and an archive of all the earlier columns in this series. The NAO’s file of email relating to the incident (PDF) makes this clear. But the lesson had been learned: there were now more people who saw themselves as Internet stakeholders than just the engineers who had created it, and they all wanted representation at the table. Then we will have handed control of the British Internet over to a small group of people with no accountability and no transparency. Surely we can do better.

Long distance revenues plummeted and all sorts of newcomers began leaching away their customers

In May, civil society groups concerned with civil liberties and human rights signed a letter to ITU secretary-general Hamadeoun Touré asking the ITU to open the process to more stakeholders. There are many ways for a computer system to fail. There will likely be a lot of industry ink spilled over the idea of making hardware and software vendors liable if “negligence can be demonstrated”. For Halfon that’s still not enough. (Asked about it this week, the Home Office told me they can’t speculate in advance about the details will that be provided “in due course”; that what is envisioned is a “program of work on our communications abilities”; that it will be communications service providers, probably as defined in RIPA Section 2(1), storing data, not a government database; that the legislation to safeguard against misuse will probably but not certainly, be a statutory instrument. Cleanfeed itself is insecure (PDF), as Cambridge researcher Richard Clayton has recently discovered.

The National Archives wants not only to preserve the actual text of the letter but its look, feel, and functionality. FIPR started by getting engineers, later engineers and economists, to talk through problems. Don Foster, the conservative MP who is shadow minister for the Department of Culture, Media, and Sport, for example, has argued for it repeatedly. The other good news is that many of today’s tireless campaigners against the 2006 ID card will continue to fight the encroachment of the database state. We do not block the roads leading to car boot sales just because sometimes people sell things at them whose provenance is cloudy (at best). Then, as now, there are good and bad reasons for being anonymous. They published this little gem (as S. It would include industry representatives working in collaboration with government (but would not be a government agency), and it would, among other things, educate the public. Readers are welcome to post here, at net.

That many MPs seem to think of themselves as members of a private club rather than public servants was clearly shown by the five years of stonewalling Brooke negotiated in trying to get a look at their expenses. Consult Hyperion’s Tim Richards has a good explanation of the story so far. The counterargument from government and law enforcement and security service types was that yes, strong cryptography was a fine and excellent thing at protecting communications from prying eyes and for that very reason we needed key escrow to ensure that bad people couldn’t say evil things to each other in perfect secrecy. We should turn the question around: where is the right place to discuss this and who should be involved. And then there’s the whole problem of trying to check, say, registrations in Chinese characters. Farber’s done his time in Washington, DC, as chief technical advisor to the Federal Communications Commission and as a member of the Presidential Advisory Board on Information Technology. The NAO’s file of email relating to the incident (PDF) makes this clear. (And how little we’re getting for it: in the first two years of the program, fingerprinting 44 million visitors netted 1,000 people with criminal or immigration violations. No, for a variety of reasons.

Nominet can work as hard as it likes on verifying its own Whois database, but it is powerless over the many UK citizens and businesses that choose to register under. What kind of infrastructure will be required to support the maintenance and implementation of a block list to cover copyright infringement. The immediate cause of this change is two difficult-to-distinguish pieces of legislation, one UK-specific and one EU-wide. (This is the same thinking that wanted to shut down the tube on New Year’s Eve 1999 to keep people out of central London. A flawed count in an electronic machine run by software the vendor allows no one to inspect just vanishes down George Orwell’s memory hole. That principle would not, unfortunately, stop the US government from shutting off its own servers (to spite its face. But as Farber says, politicians are not going to stop trying to govern the Internet. The EU would be better to regulate by specifying allowable actions and consequences rather than specifying technology. One faction – primarily but not solely vendors of electronic voting equipment – sees nothing wrong with Direct Recording Electronic, machines that accept voter input all day and then just spit out tallies.

A blockchain-focused lawyer explains why his profession should play a critical role in the growth and maturation of the ICO market. But if what really matters about the DNS is giving people names they can remember, then from the user point of view it matters little how many top-level domains there are. Accordingly, the DMCA criminalizes creating and distributing circumvention. If you already think I’m a suspicious person, the fact that I’ve been reading proof-of-concept papers about future malware attacks sounds like I might be a danger to cybersociety. There is a scan here. For every nasty troll who uses the cloak to hide there are many whistleblowers and people in private pain who need its protection. Last night, the House of Lords Science and Technology Committee released its report on Personal Internet Security. You would think that by this time in the Internet’s history we would have reached the point where the politicians making laws would have learned a thing or two about how it works, and would therefore not be proposing (and passing) quite such stupid laws as they used to. If you knew, for example, that you could reliably watch the latest episode of The Big Bang Theory (if there ever is one) 24 hours after the US broadcast, would you bother chasing around torrent sites looking for a download that might or might not be complete.

At heart, what cookies do is give Web sites persistent memory. Net, and other gTLDs and country codes. (For an example of tedious meetings producing embarrassing results, see this week’s General Synod. COVESTING is the ultimate platform for investors and traders who are looking to utilize advanced tools and technology in order achieve maximum returns in. Yet other than gaining online access and free phone calls, Mitnick is not known to have ever profited from his crimes – he didn’t sell copied source code to its owners’ competitors, and he didn’t rob bank accounts. What’s more notable is when it opened: May 28, only three days after the State Opening of the post-election parliamentary session, three weeks after the election, and six weeks after the day that Gordon Brown called the election. The 17 judges of the European Court of Human Rights ruled unanimously yesterday that the UK’s DNA database, which contains more than 3 million DNA samples, violates Article 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights. Listening to this discussion live, you longed to say, “Well, just print it all out, then. My father had a valid excuse for that particular bit of ignorance or lack of imagination.