This and other innovations continued culminating with the introduction in 1990 of the “Design Selection” series of compact binoculars. In Dresden where camera production had been dominant, civilian products and development were gradually discouraged in favor of those products such as bombsights which met the more immediate goals of the government. But despite the intense fight in the UNFCCC over a legally-binding agreement, it hasn’t really been subject to much debate in the wider policy community.

To put that into monetary context, the DoE’s Energy Information Administration estimates that current aviation jet fuel prices average at approximately . Also, according to the report, there is an increase in regional production of crystal meth, which is produced locally due to lax control over the precursor chemicals that are highly-regulated in many countries.

This tool would become invaluable for the discovery of many celestial wonders including asteroids, comets, and another notable achievement: the discovery of Pluto by Clyde Tombaugh. The Contessa works at Stuttgart resumed production of Ikonta and Nettar film cameras. Today the Project for a United and Strong America is releasing a proposed national security strategy from a bipartisan group of experts (including yours truly). You don’t HAVE to take. However, soon it became clear that the Allies were able to identify and bomb targets in Germany. Can obtain the same benefits of a massive nuclear arsenal with fewer warheads while simultaneously redirecting some savings from nuclear reductions towards more pressing security matters, thereby enhancing national security.

Over the past few years an increase in maritime patrolling had reduced the high volume of cocaine going through the traditional smuggling route from South America to Europe via Africa. In June or early July the Russian military forces occupied Jena and the remainder of what became East Germany (German Democratic Republic). That additional range allows the A-10 to loiter above areas of battlefield activity further from its takeoff origin without the need to refuel. June 6, 1868 Hamburg – d. Compared to the F-35A, which has a range of about 1,200 nautical miles, the A-10 out flies its potential successor by about twice the distance, reaching a distance of 2,240nm. Even so, other that policy approaches that used to be dominant orthodoxy are now interesting debates.

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But the coin of rule-abidingness has not bought as much cooperation, from as many actors. The writer also wishes to clarify that this by no means a comprehensive discussion, and that many individuals deserving credit for innovation and administrative accomplishments at Zeiss are worthy of mention.  During this particularly delicate time, Senator Graham, and indeed all Members of Congress ought to ask themselves whether this proposed resolution helps or hinders that common goal. I had been skewered, and the initial shock was wearing off. Beginning in 1962 space missions are flown with Zeiss optics; Jena providing for Russia, and Oberkochen the West.

Today’s meeting focused on many of these developments. These tokens are used to verify transactions in GoldMint Blockchain as a stake in PoS. In March the completion and delivery to the military of several new “Jagdtiger” (or “Hunting Tiger”) tanks were being held up by the late delivery of the special shock resistant (the tank had a 128mm gun. Currently, one Ether is worth over 0.

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ArrayA home sharing and rental marketplace offering 0% commission fees. 1935) was a chemist who gained a Doctorate at the University of Jena in 1875. The Syria crisis is embraced as a summit topic and communique language reflects substantive agreement or differences (or both). Not only is the F-35A more costly to operate, but also it buys less close air support capability. If you send funds to the address on that site, you will lose your funds.

Check TokenMarket – Token sales, cryptocurrencies, blockchain crowdfunding and ICOrating to find upcoming ICOs. With this idea, Willett sought to address a number of important concerns not to mention promising to improve Bitcoin’s stability while adding to its value by creating new currencies. To start with, the Kyoto agreement’s glaring gap was that it placed no obligation for emission cuts on the two rising powers (a flaw that climate-shirkers in the developed world have seized on). We’ve seen vague signs of new flexibility from President Putin but that could be merely an attempt to lower the temperature. There are some wallets, myetherwallet in particular that allow users to enter their private key in the browser. Was in fact a securities offering.

This is a very different phenomenon. Actually, I think Tom’s onto something. The underlying issue for what Atkinson described is, just like with financial regulatory reform, whether enough has been done to prevent a recurrence. What is an Initial Coin Offering – ICO. That additional range allows the A-10 to loiter above areas of battlefield activity further from its takeoff origin without the need to refuel. The sight of carts loaded with dead bodies was shocking – as it would anywhere. One foreign laborer at Jena recalls visiting a couple whose son was at the Russian front and listening to the English news from London; he was later warned such conduct could lead to the death penalty.

Such concerns of employees well being was rare at the time, but it was returned to the company with increased employee loyalty and by attracting better qualified candidates for employment. Among the first notable optical accomplishments by the Zeiss works were that by 1870 Abbe had independently reinvented image erecting Porro prisms (sometimes referred to as the “Porro-Abbe” design), and by 1873 a prototype instrument had been completed. This was probably the first cryptocurrency distributed using what we call an ICO nowadays. Military’s role in the hearing. Unfortunately, the long ICO history has not been short of incidences and setbacks. And perhaps that is the key point: multilateral cooperation is a patient and steady endeavor.

The rapid developments of blockchain has inspired the sprouting of alternative methods of financing, namely ICOs and it is now no surprise that the world is welcoming new millionaires virtually every minute

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Better yet, if any editors are reading this, I would happily hone the piece down to publishable size (Democratic for pol messager explains how deep Republicans’ problems go). The Wii and Wii U have plenty of controllers and combinations on offer, even if on most. However, it appears that the illicit networks have adapted to the patrolling and have increased the volume of cocaine transiting through Africa up to about 35 metric tons, still down from the high point of 47 metric tons in 2007, but a large increase from the 18 metric tons measured in 2010 following the improved patrolling. Bauersfeld daughter of the former head developer of Zeiss planetarium instruments. Army trucks were assigned to move the families who were afforded only enough time to pack a suitcase. Mitton, “RADIUS and IPv6”, RFC 3162, August 2001.

You don’t have to believe the worst about the GOP to see continued serious problems with their approach to foreign policy

This morning Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel met with a delegation of leaders from Africa to discuss security and democracy in Africa. On the military options, Ambassadors Eric Edelman and Dennis Ross, co-chairs of the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs, put out a report over the long weekend, saying “[The U. Says: Amazing site you’ve got in here. Iran has neither gained the capability to produce a bomb nor made the decision to do so, according to a recent National Intelligence Estimate. Like I say, I wanted to wait and see what others gleaned from the document, but I guess Dan went the other way. This isn’t to say the strategic dialogue isn’t worth restarting; both nations are certainly better off with a deeper relationship.

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The Carl Zeiss Jena GmbH Division of Astronomical Instruments worked with the Carl Zeiss, Oberkochen APS Division. In effect, as the CSIS researchers point out, the question of intervention in Syria is not just figuring out the contemporary strategy, but anticipating the consequences in the decade to follow it. What is the likelihood of a Syrian / Hezbollah / Iranian retaliation, and why would they want to. The G-20 summits are a multilateral innovation that bring together the emerging and established powers as peer equals, and macroeconomic policy is hardly the sole sphere needing their collective attention and action. Zeiss Administrator Joos went on to the United States.

  Ultimately, the Obama administration is looking to offer some form of support to the rebels before their following and credibility diminishes or Iranian influences pervade the porous Syrian border. In 1976 the the West German Chancellor Schmidt presented the Carl Zeiss Oberkochen Mark IV Planetarium projector to the National Air and Space Museum “Einstein Planetarium” in Washington, D. At this point, the only way to enforce the international norm is by force — as I say, hitting Assad where it hurts militarily. Did the Tsarnaev Brothers act alone. In 1994 Zeiss also announced the “Night Owl” series binoculars in 7x45B, 8x56B, and 10x56B. , Europe) without necessarily encouraging refractory actors — the ones Washington really worries about — to change their ways.

Federal government relied mostly on income from import tariffs prior to the introduction of the “Income Tax” in 1913.  Any military operation in a country with the geographic size and location of Iran would not be enough to dash Iranian nuclear aspirations, but could easily rock an already volatile geopolitical region and destroy international support that has taken years, if not decades, to form. Several of these events were noted at our “Current Zeiss News” Internet Site page. Eve got in way over her head taking care of T. In the meantime, research and development continued to show results. Here’s the lede to Dan’s post:. If not how were they able to assemble these crude yet effective explosives.

Control) were in what would become the Russian zone of occupation; and so at Jena over the course of several days the U. Within as little a few weeks after the fighting concluded, some Zeiss facilities were back at work. You may be familiar with the term Initial Public Offering or IPO. If the purpose of the hearing was to determine what happened and address concerns about the ARB report, then Amb. The State Department disputed this telling ABC News that “Ambassador Pickering volunteered to appear But Issa said no. Binocular innovation by Carl Zeiss at Oberkochen and Wetzlar continued with the introduction of an even more compact in line Schmidt (or Pechan) prism design for binoculars in 1964 bearing the trademarked “Dialyt” designation.

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No, President Obama’s proposed strikes will not bring the political resolution to the conflict that Syria so desperately needs

(For a fuller exposition and proposal, see Barry Carin and my “G-20 as a Lever for Progress. The last bombardment was the worst. The hopes for reunification were dashed as the East German political leadership assumed firm control of all commercial enterprises; from now until reunification the Communist Party and its system of promotion by political achievement which selected the top management would determine the course of company policy. Brahimi suggests what might be the crucial precondition to the conference, but not for either faction of the Syrians. The underlying issue for what Atkinson described is, just like with financial regulatory reform, whether enough has been done to prevent a recurrence. On the other hand, those last disarmament steps will only come after the ground has already been laid.

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In my case the initial insight. Seriously though, Miller’s point isn’t heresy but a totally fair question — and answerable. Throughout the nuclear age, the sole purpose of U. It is likely the Russians wanted to emasculate Germany and/or take whatever reparations they could against a Germany that had decimated Russia’s population (less so than Stalin). Besides the historic financial meltdown, 2008 also saw a food crisis and spike in prices with an even more direct impact on the world’s poorest households. Zeiss thereby acquired a partnership with a manufacturer best known for their roof prism binoculars introduced in 1897, and in 1905 the “Dialyt” series of Abbe-Koenig in line prism binoculars, and rifle scopes.

May 29, 1933 at Jena) became the first college educated engineer employed at the Optical Workshops at Jena; a person of his qualifications was deemed necessary by Abbe for the design and construction of large astronomical instruments although he played part in many other areas of production at Jena

Actually, I think Tom’s onto something. By multiplying the gallons by the average price, the fuel cost for a mission requiring a full tank would be ,726. Develop in haste, lose the election at leisure. In 1951 the Zeiss Ikon factory facility at Stuttgart would be about doubled in size to accommodate the headquarters and production operations. For the record then, I do not believe this report can be read as any kind of rebuke or repudiation of Obama foreign policy. ” The piece asks whether President Obama’s climb toward the nonproliferation moral high ground has gotten him anywhere.

Navy, we are on track to experience a roughly 75 percent decline in overall pirate attacks this year compared with 2011 [and in] 2011, the number of successful pirate attacks fell by half compared to 2010. It is near-certain, for example, that China would not have pledged in Copenhagen to cut its emissions intensity to well below current levels had it been required to embed that in a treaty.   The dilemma in Mali has been pressing upon the world’s leaders to direct attention toward the nation without inflaming an incredibly sensitive and volatile region.   According to a new study by the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) released on U. Many of those who would become the most successful minds in optics were taught at the University at Jena, and then employed at the Zeiss Works.

And they also marketed a wide selection of optional attachments and illuminators including at least 33 objectives of from 2X to 120X (including six Fluorite models), and about 20 eyepieces of Huygens, Orthoscopic, and Compensating designs of from 3X to 30X. This collaboration resulted in the Jena Glass Works of Schott becoming the prime source of glass and filter materials for Zeiss products. On the one hand, an affirmation of the United States durable influence was signaled –explicitly rejecting the notion of American decline. Zeiss and Abbe relied on Schott for advances that would make Zeiss product development and improvements possible. Walther Bauersfeld (1879-1959) Scientific Head with the company since 1908, Dr. As the dust settles from President Obama’s highly anticipated visit to Israel, one message stands out in particular.

Lenses made by Carl Zeiss were made for sale with cameras manufactured by other firms such as Rollei and Exacta at Dresden. Being something of a lapsed old-school arms control wonk, I place real value in international norms against categories of weapons. What is the 9 AM, August 28, 2017 initial coin offering. (Actually, it’s the Syrian opposition who have an interest in drawing the US all the way into the conflict. I don’t think we really have reached a post-Iraq consensus or synthesis. With apologies to Sherlock Holmes, I suggest you listen for the partisan attack dog that didn’t bark. Mission in Benghazi brought AQIM international infamy, analysts are still debating whether or not the al Qaeda offshoot is a transnational terror threat or one with primarily local goals.

Consider the following as a rough sequence of steps / contingencies.   According to a new study by the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) released on U. Obama no longer expects to persuade his adversaries, whether in North Korea or Iran (or the U.   Yet these kinds of steps to monitor progress are no less important for an informal climate regime. The 1937 literature indicated Zeiss had established marketing branches in Berlin, Vienna, Cologne, Hamburg, Brussels, London, New York, Los Angeles (under New York), Buenos Aires, Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, and Tokyo with other firms acting as sales agents in Montreal, Calcutta, Bombay, Madras, Singapore, Melbourne and Sydney, Bangkok, Cairo and Haifa, Johannesburg, Stockholm, Amsterdam, Paris, Milan, Madrid, Shanghai. ” This issue has been addressed and readdressed, if the purpose of the hearing was to uncover new information or address new concerns this was not it.

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Worldwide representation is provided through the existing Leica and Carl Zeiss sales channels and a network of independent dealers. The argument for reducing excess nuclear arms often focuses on enhancing the
nonproliferation regime. And the Nuclear Posture Review published by the Department of Defense focuses on reduction and drives President Obama’s nuclear policy. And the Russians (and the Iranians and the Europeans) to lay down their arms, at least for the duration of the talks and until a political settlement can be reached. Nuclear superiority thus far has not prevented so-called rogue states, such as Iran and North Korea, from developing or maintaining nuclear programs in the first instance. A phishing attack may target your wallet. What is the Initial Coin Offering (ICO). To my mind, this choice between approaches seems like a matter of which route will help build the most momentum for GHG reductions: a traditional “black letter” international convention or a more dynamic form of mutual accountability and knowledge sharing. So lets imagine that you would like to launch a cryptocurrency ICO.

Extremism and terrorism:  The seizure of more than half of Mali’s land area by Islamic militants, the violence of Boko Haram in northern Nigeria and the continued religious-inspired violence from al Shabaab in Somalia have heightened attention on Islamic extremism and militancy in Africa. The groups from Oberkochen and Jena involved in the design and manufacture of precise height and distance measuring devices such as those employed at Olympic Games continue under the name “Zeiss Optics”. In this view, the token buyers are simply purchasing a service. The 1930’s were an exciting time of change and discovery in the world, and exhilarating time of productivity for Carl Zeiss Jena Astronomical Instruments section. Developers or companies obtain the required cash to start their operation, expand on technology and hire more team members. Being something of a lapsed old-school arms control wonk, I place real value in international norms against categories of weapons.

At Dresden, the Contax rangefinder camera dies and some staff were taken to Kiev. The production of large, observatory telescopes continued at Jena with the first joint Zeiss telescope project being a contact signed in November of 1991 to produce a 1 meter telescope (the 13th instrument of the design made at Jena since the first one made in 1971) with control system and a 12. , an American firm to make complementary products, or Zeiss products under license. Adam Serwer reported on a video posted on Tamerlan Tsarnaev’s YouTube account “dedicated to the prophecy of the Black Banners of Khurasan which is embraced by Islamic extremists—particularly Al Qaeda. This research and development effort bore its first noteworthy fruit in 1886 when Zeiss marketed the first “aphochromate” microscope objectives; this apochromatic microscope objective offered superior quality.

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Darrell Issa raised more questions than it answered. Narcotics trafficking and border security: Illicit trafficking of drugs and other material has been on the rise in Africa. Sure, there is some continuity between the administrations on, say, executive powers and secrecy. These efforts culminated in the creation of AFRICOM, a new regional command meant to integrate military efforts diplomatic and foreign assistance efforts in Africa. But determining safe, smart levels of reductions first requires thinking about the legitimate national security role of American nuclear forces. ArrayA home sharing and rental marketplace offering 0% commission fees.

This morning a new controversy emerged about the witness list. It is also a lot harder to achieve than President Obama’s objective of making Assad pay a price for gasing his own people. As I say, the leaders must be feeling the tug of relevance and the pressure of an awful situation that doesn’t reflect very well on them. The objective of halting Iran’s progress toward nuclear weapons, all sides agree, has its greatest chance for success in a coordinated international effort that needs solidarity among not just Israel and the U. What is an Initial Coin Offering – ICO. The Obama administration’s minimalist foreign policy, animated by domestic political expediency and a cramped view of America’s responsibilities to uphold the liberal international order from which it has benefited so richly, can lead observers to forget what a more traditionally engaged foreign policy even looks like. Or they might not be doing anything.

Clinton, despite claims to the contrary. Loiter time is defined as the ability to cruise at slow speeds over a small area. Defense strategists have already recognized this reality. As one of the more stable West African nations, despite a façade of democratic rule peppered with bribes, kickbacks, and corruption involving its leaders. To some extent, our need for cooperation is a function of lacking the leverage to attain our objectives without others’ help. Then in 1968 Hensoldt became a fully owned member of the Carl Zeiss Oberkochen group.

It features state of the art microscopes, several of the world’s largest or most complicated telescopes, specialized scientific instruments, measuring instruments, military optics (including submarine periscopes), spectacle frames and lenses, rifle scopes, photographic lenses, cameras (“Contax” made under license by Yashica/Kyocera) and binoculars. Despite the widespread, bipartisan support it is still underrepresented in the rapport concerning nuclear reductions. There have been reports about a third accomplice involved.  These reports have been widely questioned. The exact amount of savings possible depends upon the specific reductions made, but easily reaches the billions. Pickering would be a logical witness to have appear. 8th Air Force several times during the course of the war, with increasing severity. In 1988 “Phase Correction” coatings were introduced on all Carl Zeiss Oberkochen roof prism binoculars to further improve resolution and contrast of roof prisms. Peer in terms of nuclear capabilities, Russia.

Zeiss West Germany continued to develop precise electro-optical equipment for distance and height measurements which found applications in sports events; their Recording Electronic Tachemeter measuring systems and their variants were used at international sports since 1970 events including the Olympic Games held in Munich in 1972 and those in Montreal in 1976. One interesting experiment at diversification by Jena occurred in the mid 1950’s; Carl Zeiss Jena produced four variants of a model two-cycle diesel engine (“Aktivist”) for hobbyist applications in model cars, planes, and boats. Bauersfeld continued to work until he passed away in 1959, at age 80. Third Army came upon the Kaiseroda salt mine near Merkers (a few miles inside the border of Thuringia). So there are other issues that over the years have been added to the agenda, and I was just having a debate yesterday with one of my other Sherpa colleagues who was saying we should do a ‘back to basics’ and only worry about the global economy debate. Naturally there isn’t any single collective worldview of the Brazilian establishment, so instead I’ll convey some of the different strains of thought. Employing “fluorspar” elements this was the first use of crystal in an industrial optical application. Peter Grassmann (Carl Zeiss) and Dr.

The tightened sanctions simply wouldn’t be in place without the Obama administration’s push to position itself as the reasonable one. On June 1, 1990 the “ROSAT” X-ray satellite was launched from Cape Canaveral; at the time it featured the world’s smoothest mirrors and was the largest X-ray telescope ever made (83. That additional range allows the A-10 to loiter above areas of battlefield activity further from its takeoff origin without the need to refuel. German military and civilian optics of the period remain among the most sought after “war trophies” taken home by occupying forces; to this day many people represent undocumented binoculars as being the personal Zeiss of Field Marshal Erwin Rommel.  The November 2011 Cannes summit, for example, was pretty much consumed by the Greek political crisis. ” In retrospect, though, the term engagement an imperfect watchword for the alternative approach because it implies that US reasonableness offers a short, sure path to diplomatic resolution. And I can’t really add much to Ross Douthat’s pitch-perfect column on the subject. Schott’s work in his native town of Witten had in 1881 resulted in products with a degree of purity and uniformity that up to that time had been unknown. At this point, the only way to enforce the international norm is by force — as I say, hitting Assad where it hurts militarily.