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How to Use JSTOR Liberty For Free Online

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JSTOR Freedom Collection, a collection of more than two thousand JSTOR papers, can be accessed through online library services such as JSTOR Liberty. These services are made available to enable people who want to download these public records to access them.

Most of these public records are not available in print, but are available online for those who want to get access to them. But there are certain limitations to online services like JSTOR Liberty, which is mentioned below.

First, if your computer has not been equipped with a JSTOR Freedom Collection server then you cannot access this online service. Also, JSTOR Liberty does not provide access to the database of this particular service, nor is this database maintained by JSTOR. You can access this service through JSTOR Liberty for free, but there are no guarantees of the accuracy of the results.

Second, JSTOR Liberty is limited to one-time use of your computer. Once you have used the online services, you have to make sure that you have deleted your cookies from your computer, otherwise you can not access the public records again. JSTOR Liberty is also not compatible with older versions of Windows computers.

Third, only legal copies of the public records are allowed. This means that you cannot download files that are copies of the public records from the internet. It is also possible that the copies are not of high quality.

Fourth, the online library service provided by JSTOR Liberty will be for a limited period of time only. You have to make sure that you will only make use of the service during the set time period. In some cases, this limit can be as short as two days. But once the online library service is over, you have to make use of the service again.

Fifth, you have to make use of the public records that you can access. If your JSTOR Freedom Collection is in the form of a document file, then you cannot access the ones that are stored in microfilm or hard copy.

Sixth, JSTOR Liberty is not a legal service and cannot be used as evidence in a court of law. If you wish to have access to public records of court cases, you have to go through the source of the court case.

Seventh, if you wish to use the services of JSTOR Liberty, you have to be a citizen of the country in which you have the files stored. Otherwise, you cannot access the public records that you can access through JSTOR Freedom Collection.

Eighth, JSTOR Liberty is not compatible with Microsoft Office. If you have the Microsoft Office program on your computer, you cannot use JSTOR Freedom Collection to make use of its data files.

Ninth, you cannot use the information obtained through JSTOR Liberty for any other purpose except for research purposes. Or personal use.

Tenth, you have to make use of the services of JSTOR Liberty only for personal use. It is not appropriate to make use of it for any other purpose.

It is your responsibility to know whether you are allowed to use the records obtained through JSTOR Liberty for any other purpose. You must not use it to make use of it for commercial purposes, whether in your business or for personal profit, or for any purpose that will result in financial gain.

When you are using online library services to make use of JSTOR Freedom Collection, you are supposed to abide by the copyright of the JSTOR liberty. The license for JSTOR Liberty is available on the web site.

If you are using JSTOR Liberty in any manner that violates the copyright of the JSTOR liberty, you have to make a counter-notice. The counter-notice has to be sent to the owner of the copyright.

As long as you abide by the copyright, JSTOR Liberty does not have the right to sue you. For any kind of infringement.

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